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Notre équipe

Notre équipe

Notre équipe
Notre équipe

Tenez-vous prêts à vivre la passionnante mission d'enseigner l'anglais aux plus petits.

Notre priorité est de recruter des personnes capables d'enseigner, de motiver les enfants à apprendre l'anglais et sachant faire preuve d'empathie envers les plus petits. Une grande maîtrise de l'anglais, du dynamisme, du professionnalisme et une motivation majeure pour le travail sont les principales caractéristiques de notre équipe de professeurs.

Permettez-nous de vous les présenter :

  • Emma - Teacher and coordinator Angers Centre

    Emma - Teacher and coordinator Angers Centre

    Hi I’m Emma. I’m a French-Canadian from Ottawa and moved to France 13 years ago. I have a Degree in Communications from Ottawa University and worked in television & radio back home. Coming to France meant ‘career change’ and being completely bilingual, it was almost natural for me to become an English teacher. In the last 12 years, I have experienced teaching to adults, engineering students and, thanks to Kids and Us, to young children since Sept. 2015. What a GREAT new adventure! As a mom of three, it’s thrilling to be able to mix my motherhood experience with the Kids and Us interactive pedagogy when communicating with our young students. I get such a rush when a baby pronounces their very first English word/phrase and I am fascinated by our young students’ / Babies’ reactions, responses and interaction with each other. I have finally found what I want to do when I grow up! Emma, Kids&Us Angers.

  • Emma - Teacher and Coordinator Angers Nord

    Emma - Teacher and Coordinator Angers Nord

    Hello, I am Emma. I am a translator and a teacher. I grew up in Clermont-Ferrand before moving to England where I studied translation, English history and Literature, followed by a master’s degree in Literary Translation in Avignon. I have always taken a great interest in the cultural diversity and how to expand it at an international level despite the language barrier. Thus, I value the importance of offering children the means to grow in a multicultural world. Learning a language at a young age widens horizons and reinforces potentials. I am extremely glad to be part of the new Kids&Us team and to take part in the development of children thanks to a fun and varied method!

  • Caroline


    Hello! My name is Caroline and I am incredibly happy to be part of the Kids & Us team as a Sam and Ben & Brenda teacher! After graduating with an MA in Teaching of French as a Foreign Language and Interculturality, first in Angers and then in Cambridge as an Erasmus student, I lived for five years in Italy where I enjoyed teaching children, teenagers, undergraduates and adults. As an International Volunteer I worked in Rome for the French Embassy and the Institut Français, spending my free time admiring Italian artistic wonders. I then moved to London where I worked for eight years as a form tutor and primary teacher in a beautiful bilingual independent school. I love travelling, discovering new cultures, taking photographs, reading, teaching and learning foreign languages. Speaking English is a valuable passport to the world, so let’s offer this opportunity to our children! See you on Wednesday! Caroline

  • Pamela


    Hello, I am Pamela. I am American and grew up in the state of Oregon. Ever since I was a young child, I was attracted to anything foreign and yearned to travel and learn different languages. At age 16, I was an exchange student in Germany for 13 months, where I lived with a German family and attended a German high school. At university, I studied German and French and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in both languages. While studying a year abroad in France, I ended up falling in love with and marrying a Frenchman. We raised our three children in both France and in the USA (in Colorado and most recently in Virginia). During my years in Virginia, a friend and I created an after-school foreign language program for children. Teaching French and German language and culture to children became my passion and it was a wonderful experience to share this passion in my American community for so many years. In early 2019, my husband and I relocated back to France after living almost 20 years in Virginia. Before our move, I had heard about Kids&US in Angers and the amazing curriculum and methodology they use. I knew immediately that this is where I should come to work. Now I get to teach my native language to children in France. I am so happy to be a part of the Kid&Us team!

  • Inès


    Hello I'm Ines ! I was born in Spain and grew up in Argentina.....but decided to study english ! After a License and a Master in English literature and working in the associative and education fields I've decided to come teach here at Kids & Us ! I taught at university levels at technical, tourism and humanitarian schools so working with younger children is a new experience for me but one I'm enjoying very much. I love kids and I love teaching, using compassion and patience to respect the child's intelligence and allow them to feel safe and valued so they will feel comfortable enough to express themselves in English. Happy to be part of the team !

  • Matea


    Hello everyone! My name is Matea and I am of the new teacher for the Sam and Pam&Paul classes. I am a twenty-three year old university student here in Angers, majoring in English litterature. I completed two years of "classes préparatoire" in Orleans and one year at ISIT, a translation school in Paris, before taking a sabbatical in Cuba, teaching English to children and teenagers. I came to Angers in order to get my PhD in English litterature and become a college professor, so to be able to participate in the Kids&Us experience as one of the teachers is really a great opportunity. I am thrilled to be part of the team and will continue spreading my love of learning languages to my students in the most exciting way possible!

  • Luis


    Hello everybody! My name is Luis. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia. I am an international management student doing a double degree in France. I speak Spanish, French, English and some Portuguese. Yes! I really love languages and I am so happy to be here teaching Pam & Paul and doing my internship this year at Kids&Us. Hope to see you around! - Luis.

  • Larry


    My family is from Anjou but I grew up in Asia for most of my childhood. After studying languages, I chose to use this as a way to keep travelling abroad by teaching English and French in foreign countries. I have now decided to come back to my roots for the time being. Having grown up in a multicultural environment I understand the importance of being exposed to a foreign language at a young age. It's nice to be able to provide young children with such an opportunity with an interactive method and with small groups of pupils (before coming back to Anjou I was teaching at government schools in Vietnam where there are about fifty children in one single classroom so Kids and Us is a big change for me in that way)

  • Léa


    Hello, my name is Lea and I am the Emma's teacher at Kids&Us Centre. I learned English while I was an au pair in New-York for two years and my biggest dream is to open my own school in the States. With this in mind, I am currently doing a CAP Accompagnant Petite Enfance and I try to diversify my expriences with kids. For now, I am very happy to be AESH in different schools to help kids with disabilities integrate in regular schools and to have this fabulous chance to teach at Kids&Us.

  • Sandy


    Hello! I’m Sandy. I will be teaching the Emma class this year. I am an open minded person. I love to travel, to speak foreign languages, to cook and to play games. I have been working abroad and in France as a language assistant. With these experiences I learned a lot about cultures in general. I like English and I am happy to be part of the Kids and Us team.

  • Shayeka


    Hi ! I am Shayeka. I grew up in Asia, Australia, USA and now I'm in France! Having grown up in different native English speaking countries, I realized the importance of learning English in early childhood and that has led me towards teaching ESL to children. I have experienced teaching adults, teenagers but I love working with children the most. It can, at times, be challenging, but in the end, it’s very rewarding, varied and fun! I think that although I am a teacher, with children I also go on learning every day. I love and treasure every moment spending with my students. Teaching at Kids& Us has been a whole new adventure for me, as the method is completely different than any other language school, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team.

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